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As the demand for neuropsychological assessment services increases, we invite licensed psychologists to join our team.  Providing services for neuropsychologists throughout the San Francisco Bay area to facilitate the clinician's focus on the clinical aspects of the assessments, eliminating their administrative duties.

If you are a licensed neuropsychologist who wishes to focus on the clinical aspects of your practice and not the day to day duties associated with it, and are interested in our services, we would like to hear from you.

Services provided for our neuropsychologists

Outreach-Market - client development referrals, pediatricians, educational directors, private and public schools, psychologists, social workers, physicians, adoption services and many other resources.

Client Bookings - assessment overview, scheduling appointments, required forms signing, fee proposals and agreements.

Administration of questionnaires - online assigned assessments, tracking and report generation, recap of assessments tables copied into score tables for final reports.

Records - to be reviewed-obtained, medical, educational and therapist.

Scoring - services provided for most tests administered in person.

Test Packets - prepared for clients.

Office Space - scheduling throughout the Bay Area for client appointments.

Record Retention - electronic client file retention.

Forwarding Reports - secured links utilized to send client reports.

Superbills - provided for clients seeking insurance claims reimbursement.

For more information call: 707-755-4659 email:

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