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Eliza Lehrke, PsyD

Dr. Lehrke is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and psychotherapist who works collaboratively and therapeutically with individuals across the lifespan who are seeking to better understand how they learn, think and feel. She received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. Her predoctoral internship was in clinical and gero neuropsychology at Central Regional Hospital/UNC in North Carolina, and her two-year postdoctoral fellowship was in clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.


Dr. Lehrke has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, with a broad range of medical, learning, and mental health issues. Since 2010 she has focused her clinical work on understanding how biology, psychology, and social contexts interact to create meaning and experience, and how we can use neuropsychological and psychological assessment to deepen self-understanding and generate substantive change. 

Dr. Lehrke has experience working with individuals and families ages 2-90+ with a diversity of presenting problems often referred from attorneys, pediatricians, doctors, psychologists, and social service programs. Her style is warm and inviting, and she incorporates different approaches and evidence-based treatments to meet her client’s needs. 


In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Lehrke has also worked as a professor/lecturer and spent two years as a Clinical Director for Child Haven, Inc., a center dedicated to providing therapy and assessment to underserved children in the foster care system.


She is a passionate advocate for better access to educational learning disability accommodations and mental health care, and she continues to provide therapy and development recommendations on a number of topics.


Similar to Dr. Seth Ubogy, as a neuropsychologist, Dr. Lehrke has training and expertise to differentiate a wider array of issues than most clinical psychologists. As such, she is likelier to catch complexities that are missed than providers who mainly do ADHD or learning disability evaluations. Dr. Seth Ubogy has mentored Dr. Lehrke for many years, and it is our goal to maintain the high standards he has established for assessments. Some of Dr. Lehrke’s specific areas of expertise include ADHD, learning and neurodevelopmental disorders, complex developmental trauma, mood and emotion regulation, personality disorders, psychosis, and neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury, movement disorders, and dementia.

                                        Lyndsay Dell, Psy D

Dr. Dell is a clinical neuropsychologist who has trained across the lifespan to help individuals better understand how their brain works and help generate solutions based on individual strengths.

Dr. Dell earned her doctorate degree from the Wright Institute in Berkley, CA. Her predoctoral training experiences included school-based collaborative therapy and assessment, providing cognitive behavior therapy for teens and adults, and hospital-based research, assessment and intervention.

Dr. Dell has worked providing outpatient and psychtherapy services across Kaiser, VA and UCSF hospitals.

Dr. Dell's early professional career started working with assessment and early intervention for children with autism and other developmental conditions.

Over the years her work has expanded across the lifespan to memory-related

disorders and geriatric populations. She enjoys working collaboratively and therapeutically with individuals, their families, and their communities to enhance understanding, improve coping, adjustment and adaptation.

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